I Am My Brother's Keeper
Born in central New Mexico, C.J. McShane is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and has ridden as both an independent and as a patched brother in a Texas based motorcycle club. Having always been a free-thinker, C.J. believes that no good could ever come from the interference in another's free will or in having someone interfere in his free will. He has long lived by an old biker's code, "Show Respect - Get Respect."McShane and his wife  live in Houston, Texas and enjoy riding Texas roads, meeting new people and making memories. 
Having recently released his first novel, M.C. I Am My Brother's Keeper, C.J. tells the story of an American soldier who returns from Afghanistan to an existence without family or friends, but finds both and much more among the Houston based 1%er Motorcycle Club known as Los Patrons. Come ride with Jake Coleman and crew and discover life lived in a raw and primal way!
Motorcycle Road Trip

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C.J. McShane
"I'm Glad to Have Ya!"

C.J. McShane
Houston, Texas 77030