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Great Biker Fiction
I have probably read every book ever written in this genre. From early writers like Bandit to modern authors like Winterhalder, Mason, Billington and others, I am a rabid devourer of everything related to motorcycles, Harley-Davidson's, and the lifestyle of the biker. Put simply, I love biker fiction. As someone who has been riding for well over 20 years, one of the things that is always important to me, in addition to a good story, is an authentic portrayal of our lifestyle. A few writers get it close, most don't have a clue, but C.J. McShane hits the nail squarely on the head. This is, without a doubt, easily as good, if not better, than even Sonny Barger's novels. I cannot recommend the novel I Am My Brother's Keeper highly enough. I really have only two complaints about the book: first, it ended to soon, and second, I discovered the book before the author has written more so now I have to wait for the next one. If you enjoy this genre of books, you will love this novel. If you're just looking for a good read, you'll still love this novel.
                                                                  Ian Adams

A Brutal and Beautiful Brotherhood
I've been a huge fan of motorcycle clubs ever since reading Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels novel many years ago, and have since watched Sons of Anarchy and occasionally searched around online for more stories and anecdotes from these strange groups of "brothers". This novel was obviously on my list, therefore, and I was immediately sucked in to yet another strange and seedy world. Jake doesn't immediately strike a reader as a biker gang member, but I think the avenue he took to get in - protecting and saving a major player in Los Patrons - made him a unique figure in the biker world. He sacrificed his own safety and was repaid in kind, just like the Patrons do - repay. Watching him move up through the biker gang, it reminded me of other stories I'd read, where the brutal reality of being in the gang is gradually revealed. It can be difficult, to say the least, but Jake didn't seem to suffer very much. He had a scale of morality in his mind, but the call of kinship and brotherly devotion was so powerful in that gang that he was able to put a filter on his conscience. The psychology of clubs, groups, and friendships is fascinating, and this in-depth and intense study of a newly risen "star" of a biker gang reveals a great deal about who we are as people, the boundaries we can be pushed to before we lose ourselves, and the ultimate prices that we pay for happiness. A riveting and painfully honest story that should not be skipped.
                                                Veritas Vincit "Bill"

 5 *****
Oh to say about this book. It was amazing. I was completely gripped from start to finish. This isn't your typical Mc series it's real and compelling from start to finish.
This author is new to me and I wasn't sure what to expect.The in depth knowledge is apparent from the moment you start reading and you instantly know what you're reading is different from anything you have read before.
Although sex and luv are part of this book its so much more than that its about the brotherhood in an Mc more than anything else.
The complexities of life within this Mc is overwhelming at times but the characters draw you in and you find yourself so caught up in the life it sorta becomes acceptable.
Altho the ending came far to quickly for my liking, I can only hope there is another book soon.
Absolutely a must read.
                                                        Joanne Dearman
                                                        United Kingdom

A Dark and Impressive Achievement
This is a brutal and unforgiving book, holding nothing back and not sugar-coating what is certainly an intense world of motorcycle gangs. I've never been a part of one, nor have I known anyone personally that has, but they have always fascinated me (and not just because of Sons of Anarchy). The West Coast has that rebel spirit, and Jake Coleman certainly fits in with that description. I was riveted from the start, and the fact that this is a debut book was never far from my mind, because it has the tone and timbre of a much more experienced writer. I was repeatedly impressed by McShane's ability to bring a reader into the gritty scene, painting such a vivid picture that it was almost impossible not to hear the crunch of bone and the cracking of knuckles.

I don't support the kind of violence that is so customary in those groups, but it's a different world, where loyalty and brotherhood is beyond the scope of the law, and problems have to get solved somehow, even if they're horrific. It's one of those pull back the curtain books that will fascinate you from the very first page, and the rich character development from the author makes you an accomplice, a conspirator, and a member of an MC like no other book has done before. Superbly written
                                                John J Staughton.

Hard-Core and In-Your-Face - A Must Read
As human beings, we instinctively search for our niche, somewhere to belong. Former army sharpshooter, Jake Coleman, was at loose ends one summer night in Texas when he got on his motorcycle and drove to a biker bar where he instinctively went to the rescue of a guy getting beaten out back and sorely outnumbered, three to one. The man he saved was Diego Santiago, Vice President of the Houston-based Los Patrons motorcycle club. Suddenly, Jake has found his â niche, his brotherhood. M.C. I am My Brothers Keeper exposes the violent and bloody world of the Los Patrons, whose members have their own code of honor, thinking nothing of executing another man or loaning out their ole ladies as temporary gifts, all for the sake of the exalted brotherhood. If you have an aversion to brutal violence and bloodshed, dont read this book. However, you will be missing a very good read. Put aside your moral compass and rev your hog. The author, McShane, has written a hard-core, in-your-face and utterly nauseating book that is both entertaining and provides, what I suspect, a first-hand glimpse into the tatted, cloistered and rough-and-tumble world of one motorcycle club.
                                          Marta Tandori