"The Broken Road"

Chapter Six
Bye Bye Bonnie

It was four o'clock on Thursday afternoon and Jake had just lit a cigarette when his flip top cell phone rang. That phone was prepaid and not registered to a name, but only to the number. It never rang unless there was a conversation that needed to take place without the possibility of it being tapped by the cops

Jake answered the phone in his usual tone, "Whats up, Brother?"

Whiskey answered, "Cappie ran into a problem in Buffalo. In the process of putting that bitch in the back of the van, her fucking boyfriend showed up. He surprised the shit out of Cappie and they fought. Cappie hit the guy in the head with his ball-peen hammer only to turn around and find the woman with a knife in her hand. Before he realized what happened, she stabbed him. He punched her hard and she fell, hitting her head on the van bumper and is out cold."

"What about the boyfriend, is he dead?"

"He's alive. Cappie loaded him in the van and tied and gagged him, same as her. He said the guy was bleeding a lot but was breathing." 

"What about Cappie?"

"The knife's blade went through the flesh of his waist. He's gonna need some stiches, but other than that, he's okay. They'll be here somewhere around nine thirty.

"Whiskey, that fucking Cappie is sixty three years old and one tough mother-fucker."

"Yes, he is Jake, and he's gonna make one hell of a good brother, too. Hey, bro, ain't gonna be no women there tonight, so how are we gonna get him stitched up?"

"Call Bullet and tell him to have J.P. bring his bag. He's a vet by trade, remember. Also, make sure Bullet brings enough money to cover both bodies. I'll call Thompson and make sure he knows to expect two instead of one."

"Okay, brother, you still want me to pick you up at seven thirty?"

"Yeah, that should work. Carmen and I are visiting Antonio at five, but I'll be home by then."

Hanging up the phone, Jake thought, Shit, I hope Cappie isn't stopped by the cops, I am so fuckin ready to put this night to a memory.

Whiskey pulled up in front of Carmen's home at seven thirty sharp. He was followed by both Tin Pan and Cue-Ball who waited outside as he went in. 

"Where's Carmen?" Whiskey asked.

"At the library doing some research."

Whiskey replied, "It's a good night for her to be anywhere but around us, brother."

Jake tossed a paper bag to Whiskey who pulled out the contents, looking closely at them.
Jake asked, "You know what it is?"

He looked closely at the looped wire with two camouflaged plastic handles attached to either end and said. "It's a piano wire. I've never seen one exactly like this but I know what it is used for. Where'd you get it?"

"It's called a 'Garrotte La Loupe' and it was one of the few weapons I was able to sneak back with me from Afghanistan. You drop it over the head of your enemy and pull the handles tight. This one is built so the choke tightens even more as they struggle. It has pieces of razor wire woven into its closure so the throat is cut during strangulation. There isn't any way to survive once that thing is tightened around the neck."

"Is this for the woman or her boyfriend?"